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Year 2 - Mimram Class

Teacher: Mrs Bain      Support Staff: Mrs Martin

Daily lessons will be live streamed via Microsoft Teams. This will be accessed via logging in with your child's personal details which will have been sent to you in a workpack. Should you have any issues accessing your child's account, please email our office (

The Live Lessons in the timetable below will also be saved onto Microsoft Teams so that you can access these at a time convenient to you. This will hopefully help families with more than one child.

All Live Lessons will last between 10-30 minutes, with follow on activities linked to the lesson. Completion of these activities is expected by all children.

Daily Timetable

9.15am - Maths

11.15am - English

1.15pm - Pathways

Key Documents

Week 1



Key Information

  • PE - Children in Ver Class participate in PE lessons every Friday. Please ensure that your child has the correct PE kit in school on this day. 
  • Reading - Children in year two are expected to read every day at home for at least 20-30 minutes. Reading records should be completed and signed by parents and brought into school on a daily basis. School reading books should be brought into school everyday for Reading for Pleasure sessions (R4P). Children should read their school reading books more than once for understanding and fluency. For more information, please visit our 'Curriculum' page. 

Curriculum Information

The curriculum objectives for children in year two children are listed below. These will be covered throughout the school year, and be present in the front of your child's books. These are a clear and consistent element to all books at the school and are used by teachers to carefully plan and sequence lessons. They are also utilised for assessment, and being presented in a child-friendly manner helps the children to work in collaboration with the teacher and support staff to identify areas of strength and areas for further development. 

Over the course of the year, you will hopefully see these maps turn from white to pink. Pink identifies that a child has achieved a curriculum objective. If an objective is gold, this identifies that a child has mastered a curriculum objective. Teachers will identify individual areas for development at Parent Consultations using green. 

For children to be working at ARE (Age-related Expectations) by the end of the year, we aim for 60% of these targets to be achieved within a subject. For children working above ARE, the target is 80%. 

Reading Journey

Writing Journey

Maths Journey

Science Journey

SPaG Journey