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Local Governing Body

Waterside Primary Academy is an academy within Red Kite Schools Trust. Each school in the Trust has a Local Governing Body (LGB) whose powers are defined by Red Kite Schools Trust in a Scheme of Delegation.

The LGB at Waterside Primary Academy is made up of:

  • 2 elected parent governors,
    • Elected by parents. Only people with children at Waterside can put themselves forward for election.
  • 1 staff governor,
    • Appointed by the Governing Body,  following an election amongst staff
  • up to 8 governors appointed by Red Kite Schools Trust
    • Appointed by Red kite Schools Trust,in conjunction with the Headteacher and Chair of Governors
  • the Headteacher.
    • The Headteacher is automatically a permanent member of the Governing Body when they take up their post.

Meeting Attendance

2017/18 - Please click here to view

2018/19 - Will be published in the Autumn Term 2019

Declarations of interest

2018/19 - Please click here to view

Our Governors

Below you can see a list of our current Governors, their Governor type, roles within the Governing Body and their terms of office.


Governor Type and Role

Start Date

Expiry Date

Mrs Jo Pearce RKST Governor- Chair of LGB 01/05/2018 30/04/2022
Mrs Gwyneth Langley RKST Governor- Vice-Chair of LGB 01/09/2018 31/08/2022
Rev. Sylvester Liyanage RKST Governor 01/05/2018 30/04/2022
Pamela Duncan RKST Governor 28/03/2019 27/03/2023
Kate Miller RKST Governor 28/03/2019 27/03/2023
Catherine Murphy RKST Governor 28/03/2019 27/03/2023
Andrew Rasmussen RKST Governor 01/05/2018 30/04/2022
Adam Bailey Parent Governor 01/11/2018 31/10/2022
Mr Matt Maloney Parent Governor 01/05/2018 30/04/2022
Mrs Kirsty Robinson Staff Governor 05/10/2018 04/10/2022
Ms Wendy Todd Interim Headteacher n/a n/a